What’s In An “iPhone” Name? Turns out – your privacy!

The theme song from the TV Show Cheers famously said “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” But if the idea of complete strangers knowing your name doesn’t sound so fun, you may want to log on to your phone and see what it’s telling others about you.

Here’s why

When your iPhone, for example, has Bluetooth turned on and the nifty file sharing system called AirDrop on, anyone who wants to can tap a button and see you and your device’s “name” when there in about 20 feet of you. Likewise, if you’re using your phone as a wifi hotspot.
Sure, sometimes it’s totally fine. Totally great when you’re at crowded party and your name pops up as great selfies from the night go flying through the airwaves as photo sharing begins via AirDrop.

BUT, when you’re in a pubic place, say a Starbucks or Disneyland, and as you walk by, a complete stranger looks at you and says YOUR NAME. That can be downright creepy. It’s a privacy issue and an open door to hackers.

 How Does This Happen?

When you first set up a device, it’s asks for your name–sometimes it just takes your name from your cell company info. And from then on, your name is your device’s identity. Your phone’s name appears anytime you have Bluetooth enabled and you’re using AirDrop or another app that uses utilizes your phones idenity or if you’ve set up your phone as a wifi hotspot.

 What’s My Name Again?

That’s why I recommend a good alias. It can be fun. How about Miss America or 007 or The ROCK? It can be fabulous, how about Rainbow Child , Heavenly or Gorgeous? The list is endless, you could try Loved or dare I say #Blessed, heck even Norm or Sam—a friend of mine uses what she calls a Stripper name. I’m sorry, I can’t reveal it—but I can tell you it’s not Candy. It’s quite funny-really the point here is anything other than your actual name.

 And The Neighbors will love this!

This name-game also applies to your home wireless network or wifi name—you can change that too. Come up with something other than The Smiths or your actual street address. You can have fun here too and raise a few eyebrows at the same time. How about “FBI Headquarters” or “NSA” or “Heaven?” Who wouldn’t want to log onto THOSE networks, right? And don’t forget to mis-identify your other devices as well (tablets, desktops and laptop computers have names too).

It’s not like the name has to be absolutely perfect—unlike the the kids name or the name of your dog, device titles can be changed anytime!  Go for it.

 The Quick, Fun Fix To Get Your Privacy Back.

How To Go Stealth On Your iPhone.

It’s super easy.  Touch Settings>General>About>Name   –And just type in your new name.

If you want to be even safer, from the Home Screen, swipe up to reveal your control panel and turn AirDrop from “Everyone” to “Off” or “Contacts Only.”

Also in you can choose turn off wifi hotspots until you need it in safe location (we’ve had two situations in our office where a laptop was hacked in a public place via wifi, so try and stay off public wifi).

Turn turn off hotspot, go to Settings>Cellular>Personal Hotspot>Off.

Love to hear some more fun ideas for names!t  Please share them!  Cheers,


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