7 Reasons You Need a Digital Detox and How to do it!

So Many Reasons to DETOX–just part of a healthy lifestyle!

Here’s some motivation for you-

  • 1.  Better Sleep:  47% of adults  say they miss out on sleep due to internet usage. *

  • 2.  Better Relationships:  21% of UK children feel their parents don’t listen to them properly because they’re constantly picking up  emails, calls or texts on their mobiles2 7%  say their parents have double standards about  technology*

  • 3.  Better Emotional Empathy:  A UCLA study found that pre-teens who were deprived of screens for five days through a digital detox were much better at reading people’s emotions (non-verbal skills) than children who continued using screens*

  • 4.  Less Depression: A study by the National Institute of Mental Health has found a strong and significant association between heavy internet use and/or social media use and depression. And not a huge surprise to a lot of parents, scientists have also found a link between heavy Facebook use and depressive symptoms, including low self-esteem.*

  • 5.  Compulsive texting isn’t so healthy:  A study found teenagers who text compulsively have a lot in common with compulsive gamblers.*

  • 6.  A Happier YOU:  Staying off all social media for a week has been shown in a study to increase happiness. YAY!*

  • 7.  A Healthier YOU:  Wireless energy and your bodies energy.   There are 1,000’s of studies linking the energy(emf) that emanates from our digital devices to a myriad of conditions and diseases.  Now no one is absolutely 100% sure exactly any one person will be affected by the emfs,   Our own US  government has been doing research and they released partial findings this year connecting cell phone use to brain cancer in rats.  At  Safertech we believe better safe then sorry when it comes to emf exposure, so the less, the better. *

  • *As always all reference links are below at the bottom of our posts.

Want to be healthier, happier and less depressed? 

Safertech Solutions Top 10 EASY DAILY DIGITAL DETOX LIST

1.  Turn WIFI ON WHEN you absolutely need it.  Try it and you’ll discover you’ll be more mindful about when you really need to access the internet. Bonus: No WIFI EMF Radiation!

2.  Keep your phone and digital devices out of the bedroom- I use a simple old fashioned battery alarm clock–with an optional light so I can sleep in total darkness for optimal melatonin production(and connection with my handsome husband!) Bonus: No cellphone EMF Radiation!

3.  Keep the TV out of your bedroom too.  That same blue light and distraction doesn’t just come from computers, phones and tablets, it comes from the television too.

4.  Drop devices from your exercise routine OR if you love  to exercise to sounds, turn your device on airplane and just listen to downloads

5.  No device dinners.  No device dates.  These are so romantic and so fulfilling.  Try it–park your phones or devices in a basket and let the conversation begin.  And the distractions melt away.

6.  Pen to Paper.  This is so fun.  Good for your brain, your focus and you handwriting skills.  Keep a pad handy in your bag or pocket and instead of whipping out your phone during class, seminars, church or meetings,  take notes on  paper.  And you’ll get better recall-experts say we remember things we write, more readily than we type.  Try this with even simple things like your shopping lists.

7.  15 minutes of mindfulness per day  without a phone or computer within eye-shot or earshot.  Deep Breaths in, deep exhale out.  Again . . .. ahhhhhhh  You’re brain will thank you.  You’ll be more focused and relaxed.

8.  Set a Social Media schedule.  If you need Tweet, or  FB, chat or Insta daily, then set a time and stick to it.  After lunch for 15 minutes . . . and then, here’s the hard part,   That’s it.  Feeling even more powerful?  Try getting to a bi-weekly schedule. I can’t believe I’m down to a weekly visit to FB.  I allot an hour a week to stay in touch.  Which gives me more time everyday to actually enjoy this gorgeous world and the fabulous people and things in it.

9.  Everyday–no matter where you are in this big universe take 5 minutes to feel your feet on the ground. Phone off or on airplane.  Grounding is a now trending centering practice, but doing it whilst on your phone defeats the purpose.

10.    Once a day, share something tangible. It could be sharing your thoughts in something like the The Five Minute Journal–or even  writing  a note of gratitude or sending a happy message to someone on paper. Bake something and share it.  A chocolate chip cookie certainly beats a text!

Love this?  We do too!!  That’s why we’re continuing to our detox discussion tomorrow on Safertech with some Heavenly Detox Resorts!



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