I’m so glad you’re here

My name is August Brice and I’m a Tech Wellness Advocate.  That means: my passion is making sure that you have all the information you need to live safer, happier and healthier – in a world brimming with tech! From gadgets to tech toys to digital staples like our cell phones, laptops and smart devices… it is, indeed,  a wireless world.


I really do.  However, my relationship with my digital devices and tech gadgets is guided by mindfulness… it’s from that place, that I created Safertech.

I’m not a doctor or an IT professional; I’m not a scientist myself. I’m the CEO of HEILBrice, a successful advertising agency in Southern California that I founded with my husband. Before that, I was an award-winning broadcast journalist.  Perhaps most importantly, I’m the mother of two beautiful young women in their twenties. My desire to see them healthy and thriving is what inspired me to dive into the world of  EMFs and all its available research. From there, I became interested in all things wireless, from health effects to privacy and cybersecurity.

Safertech + YOU

We’ve designed Safertech as place we can share our research with you: Our videos,  our shop, our blog. We include all the latest info and solutions to empower you to make smart decisions when it comes to interacting and absorbing the tech in your life.

Just like you – my days are full. Yes, I’ll say that horrible “b” word: Busy.  So I won’t waste your time at Safertech. Quick tips on the stuff that matters. Bluetooth, EMFs, radiation, webcam spying, tech addiction.  Why does Facebook know what I’m shopping for and how does Gmail know I want to see that movie?  We’ve got answers.  We’ll present the issues in a fun and interesting way and we’ll back it up with detailed research links at the bottom of every post.

And then, we’ll hook you up – helping you find products, people and organizations that help make it easier and empower you to be tech-aware!

Whether you’re a concerned parent or a curious question-asker or just someone who spends a lot of time online (hello, everyone in the world!), we’re glad that you’re here.

Please let us know if there’s a topic you want Safertech to cover.  Here’s to staying safe, healthy and smart in this digital age.


August Brice

In support of All it Takes

I started SaferTech to share important information about the quickly evolving wireless technology and on-line security that impacts every hour of our lives. But I want to foster an atmosphere of harmony and happiness—not create fear and uncertainty while doing it.

I’m so happy to introduce you to an organization that also fosters an environment of harmony and happiness as our world changes so rapidly.

All It Takes, a 501c3 corporation, is on a mission to change the world by creating a new generation of bold, compassionate leaders. AIT focuses its efforts on Junior High aged youth, the leaders in their schools—the kids with ability to influence their peers. They’re brought together from all different backgrounds to an amazing Leadership Camp. Over the course of a few days, they learn the essence of honor, acceptance, compassion and respect.

In a time of constant cell phone use, issues of privacy and technology takeover, I especially love the fact that All It Takes centers their work in fabulous tech-free campsites, so kids with their higher human spirit, away from phones, social media and other daily pressures.

Safertech proudly donates a portion of our proceeds to All It Takes! I’m excited to share their world-changing work here!