Healthy Lifestyle: Tech + Fitness?


It’s August here–with my workout gal pal Tara.  And this is how it is at my home…that WIFI circled in the middle of the shot is OFF-mostly always.  And definitely when I’m trying to do something healthy for myself like working out, dancing or sleeping.

I may drive my husband Hal crazy, but I am very particular about the WIFI usage at my home (and my office too!) I turn the router off when not in use and of course, at night when our cells are renewing and rejuvenating.

And WIFI free is good WHY?

The further away the router is from your body and your family, the better. Lots of studies are showing that wireless energy is making some people sick–the potential vector damage dissipates exponentially the farther away you are from the source. It’s called the inverse-square law.

Safer WIFI Tips:

  1. .  Make sure your router is stored in a remote, secluded place not near the sleeping area of the house
  2. .  Turn it off when your sleeping.
  3. .  Turn it off when you’re not using it.
  4. . Powerful wifi’s aren’t necessarily better.  The more power, the more signal your family is exposed to.
  5. . Get a simple power switch so you can turn your wifi off without having to get to close to it.

More awesome: Turn it off without getting too close


I am excited to show you how easy it is  keep the WiFi at a distance and shut it down with the flip of a switch for less than  $15.  It’s called a Wall-Mounted Switch and Plug In Receiver and you can use it for the router or other things. For instance, people plug in a lamp into the receiver and keep the switch outside the nursery so they don’t wake a sleeping baby to turn off the lights inside the nursery. This idea is very cool!

Now, it’s important to note that although the Switch technology is wireless–  it’s not the bad kind of EMF. It’s called a short-distance type of communication called Infrared and it’s the kind of wavelength your TV remote uses. This is good and what we want! Don’t get near that router! Even a short distance like 15 feet makes an exponential difference in exposure.

Take it to the next level, Add a Timer

For an additional $30, you can plug your router or receiver into a surge protector with a timer. We know it’s hard to make a new routine, and if you can’t seem to remember turning off your router as the same time as you lock up for the night, this is a TERRIFIC solution – and you can save energy cost at the same time you are protecting your sleeping family.

It boils down to better you-ness and better me-ness:  Mindfulness

All of the little tips & tricks add up to a bliss home environment with simple mindfulness. A favorite hobby of mine that doesn’t use any potential harmful energy is pilates. Think about it – when you enter the yoga room – a peaceful energy washes over you…probably in part because no one is allowed to bring their phones into the studio practice space! The more you take out energy pollution out of your home, the more zen it will be. Try it and let us know your thoughts!

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