Black Mirror and the Safertech Solution: Part 2

Black Mirror Magic

The science fiction show Netflix Original show, “Black Mirror”has proved to be eerily predictive and lately, it’s been no different. Surveillance has sure been in the media lately (#wiretapping, anyone?) Last week in our series, we outlined the first lesson from Black Mirror taught us about tech : Cover your webcam and protect your privacy!

Social Media in Our Connected World

This week, we are looking at a new kind of surveillance that Black Mirror lectures us about: the judgement of our peers aka “trial by media”. The murder mystery episode, “Hated in the Nation” follows a pair of detectives trying to solve the inexplicable deaths of people who were all the target of social media hate. The victims all had been in limelight or news headlines for doing deplorable things, for sure.  However, as the social media storm is gathering, a hashtag “#deathto” shows up on their Twitter and that means they will soon show up dead.

It takes a little while to figure out what is going on (*spoiler alert*) but the homicides are found to be carried out with bee-like drones that are discovered post-mortem. As usual, there is a great twist to find out who pays the final price – the hate campaign targets, the crowd cheering it on, or the murderer themselves?

The Safertech Solution

The lesson here is: be careful what you do online; It may come back to haunt you. Mass social media has shown us that there is a sort of hive mind when it comes to bad deeds, and people love to gang up and crucify those who stray from social norms. Everything we do online is permanent and cannot truly be deleted. This became especially true when it comes to taking screenshots aka “getting receipts”, as kids say. It’s sad that your privacy is so compromised, but you must conduct yourself in a way that someone might be watching. This is especially true at work.

Do you remember that news story of an Human Resources female exec, Justine Sacco, who committed professional suicide with a single social media post? Basically, she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” That foolish young woman was literally fired and internationally hated before her plane even landed. Please learn from her mistakes. Think before you speak and stay off your devices if you’ve drinking! Protect your livelihood. Scan your social media as if it was boss looking at it, or make your account private altogether. Review your workplace handbook to find out exactly what is expected of you in terms of company policy for social media.

Stay safe out there in our wireless world!

XO August

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