How to Stop Google, Bing and Yahoo from Tracking You

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Most of us do one thing on our tablets, phones and computers that tells so much about us—about what were thinking what were reading, what we want, what we need—and we do it a lot—in fact, I bet you did it to get here—to learn a bit more about your privacy– and that’s SEARCH.

Search Engines are Searching YOU!

Did you know that most search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing collect and store lots of the information you give them, like your name, email address, telephone number, credit card AND what your searching for. They all have published privacy policies that say exactly what they’re collecting and what they use and do with that information. Just search Privacy Policies and you can read them—or find the links after this video on The policies tell you they can share your information with partners, third parties or law enforcement. By the way, the sites you end up clicking on in a search—receive the search terms you’ve used too.

Bing, Google and Yahoo Privacy Policy’s BELOW!

So, that’s alot of information about your Search activity that’s being shared by Yahoo, Google and Microsoft!  I’ve got the Privacy Policys in the research section below for your review.

Meanwhile if you would like to try a Search engine that makes it a policy NOT to track what your searching for–Check out this link:

The Top Search Engines to Protect Your Privacy


Privacy on the Internet is absolutely NOT guaranteed

Remember if  you’re concerned about your Search engine OR your Browser collecting information about you, please be aware that every time you log on, your computer is sending information about itself over the internet and usually that information is saved–Somewhere.

It could be saved by the browser you use–like Firefox, Safari or Chrome or Explorer.  It could be a search engine like Google, Bing Search or Yahoo Search OR  information can be saved via COOKIES placed by every site you visit!

OH MY!!  But, it’s really not that hard to navigate.  Check out this COOKIE HOW TO VIDEO

It’s actually pretty easy to search, shop, visit etc with mindfulness.



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