7 Reasons You Need a Daily Digital Detox and How to do it!

7 Reasons to Consider a Daily Digital Detox

  • 1.  Better Sleep:  47% of adults  say they miss out on sleep due to internet usage. *

  • 2.  Better Relationships:  21% of UK children feel their parents don’t listen to them properly because they’re constantly picking up  emails, calls or texts on their mobiles2 7%  say their parents have double standards about  technology*

  • 3.  Better Emotional Empathy:  A UCLA study found that pre-teens who were deprived of screens for five days through a digital detox were much better at reading people’s emotions (non-verbal skills) than children who continued using screens*

  • 4.  Less Depression: A study by the National Institute of Mental Health has found a strong and significant association between heavy internet use and/or social media use and depression. And not a huge surprise to a lot of parents, scientists have also found a link between heavy Facebook use and depressive symptoms, including low self-esteem.*

  • 5.  Compulsive texting isn’t so healthy:  A study found teenagers who text compulsively have a lot in common with compulsive gamblers.*

  • 6.  A Happier YOU:  Staying off all social media for a week has been shown in a study to increase happiness. YAY!*

  • 7.  A Healthier YOU:  Wireless energy and your bodies energy.   There are 1,000’s of studies linking the energy(emf) that emanates from our digital devices to a myriad of conditions and diseases.  Now no one is absolutely 100% sure exactly any one person will be affected by the emfs,   Our own US  government has been doing research and they released partial findings this year connecting cell phone use to brain cancer in rats.  At  Safertech we believe better safe then sorry when it comes to emf exposure, so the less, the better.

  • *As always all reference links are below at the bottom of our posts.

Want to be healthier, happier and less depressed? 


1. Lets start with Social Media Power!  Quick, grab your device

and remove ONE app. Yes, I really said that. Take control over the “manipulated engagement” an app may be exercising over you. One important engagement tactic is the “game-i-fication” of apps that’s contributing to addiction. My fabulous nephew was just showing me one of these “games” last week: He showed me how Snapchat let’s you “direct-snap” a friend — You go back and forth snapping each other and you create a “streak” between the two of you. It becomes a contest you can become obsessed with and don’t want to break. He showed me how one of his snap streaks was over 300! See? A fun “game” and a dopamine rush!

One of Insta’s tricks is to “feed” you a bunch of likes all at once, so you get this big “They like me, they really really like me” rush. Yep, it’s dopamine and you want more. And Facebook, that “continuous scroll” keeps you engaged till you find something you want to read. Even Google and Linkedin are engaging. They have to be. Otherwise you won’t stay there or come back. There’s SO much to see and do, It’s downright, well, addicting. So, right now, try it, remove one. One that you know you’re using all together too much and that’s not really adding to that amazing, full, meaningful life of yours, or your kids. It can’t be that tough. Think about it – even the Kardashian’s did it!

2. No smartphones or computers or TV’s or digtal alarm clocks in the bedroom . . .

BUT how will you wake up? (gasp!) I use a simple old fashioned battery alarm clock–with an optional light so I can sleep in total darkness. Sans blue light for optimal melatonin production. In fact, if you’re using a screen less than 2 hours before bed, you should be using a “Night Shift” function or wearing orange glasses. (1)

3. No device dinners:

Great real life connections: No device dates = romance?! Well, at least the opportunity to talk! Try it – park your phones or devices in a basket and let the conversation begin. And the distractions melt away. First one who touches the phone stack has to do the dishes or pay the dinner bill! (That’ll do the trick!)

4. Drop devices from your exercise routine

OR if you love to exercise to sounds, turn your device on airplane and just listen to downloads, podcasts and more. Tech wellness is especially important when it comes to kids who really need to be protected from emf radiation. But for you too! Get in the practice downloading stuff ahead of time to safely listen WIFI free!) in moving vessels like  cars and planes. All of that boomeranging EMF energy isn’t good for you and you’ll be set up with entertaining material for you and the kids when we don’t have internet connectivity or much battery life!!

5. Turn wifi on only when. . .

you absolutely need it. Try it and you’ll discover you’ll be more mindful about when you really need to access the internet. Really need to check FB or insta? This give you a bit of pause to think about it. Bonus: No WIFI = No EMF radiation! It’s best to not get super-close to the router to keep toggling it on/off. Use a remote switch to do so, safely and at a distance. I love this one

6. Pen to Paper.

This is so fun. Good therapy for your brain, your focus and organization — and your handwriting skills. Try it. Keep a pad handy in your bag or pocket and instead of whipping out your phone during class, seminars, church or meetings, take notes on paper. And you’ll get better recall. Experts say we remember things we write, more readily than we type. Try this with even simple things like your shopping lists. It feels good to physically cross stuff off lists — so satisfying.


I know this is NOT a pen. It’s a very cool stylus that I use with my phone. Available in the safetech shop!

7. 15 minutes of mindfulness per day

without a phone or computer within eye-shot or earshot. Deep Breaths in, deep exhale out. Again . . .. ahhhhhhh. Hold for four second on the inhale and exhale. (it’s harder than you’d think!) You’ll be more focused and relaxed. Taking a yoga, Pilates or mediation class is great for breath work — but this will work for now for the mind/body connection.

8. Set a Social Media schedule.

If you need to Tweet, or FB, chat or Insta daily, then set a time and stick to it. After lunch for 15 minutes . . . and then, here’s the hard part — that’s it. You can use also use an app like Calendly that pre-schedules your social media ahead of time and shows you what the layout would look like. Feeling even more powerful? Try getting down to a bi-weekly schedule. I can’t believe I’m down to a weekly visit to FB. I allot an hour a week to stay in touch or you can take the app off of your phone (Facebook messenger, too — which is known to breach privacy.) This results in more time everyday to be productive…and actually enjoy this gorgeous world and the fabulous people and things in it.

9. Everyday–no matter where you are in this big universe

– take 5 minutes to feel your feet on the ground. Phone off or in airplane mode! “Grounding” is a now trendy centering practice, but doing it whilst on your phone defeats the purpose. Walking on wet sand on the beach at sunset feels great, but the effects of grounding are the same with grass or plain old dirt! It’s SO EASY to forget our connection with Mother Earth when we’re wearing shoes running around all day or stuck in an office. Grounders believe the earth’s energy resets our bodies and absorbs negative energy. For total Tech Wellness, schedule a camping trip or a beach day at one of these tech-free zones. No phones allowed! Just you, your loved one and the great outdoors!!

10. KNOW – without a doubt – YOU are stronger, smarter and more powerful than a smartphone..

Let the smartphone work for you. You shouldn’t work for it. If you’re distracted by notifications from pleasure-social or work-social apps: Turn them OFF. If you want to stop what you’re doing and take a phone call, do. If the person you’re with or thing you’re doing is more important. Don’t answer. Check your voicemail later and call back on your schedule(obviously Mom’s, you’re at the kids beckon call — but sometimes you’re not) Recognize when. You don’t actually have to respond anytime your phone rings, vibrates or flashes. It’s up to you. Because you ARE smarter than a smartphone.

TBH, Honestly, if I can do it(and get my kids to) you can do it too! Let’s detox and be stronger than our smartphones today!

Here’s to Tech Wellness!

Love this?  We do too!!  That’s why we’re continuing to our detox discussion tomorrow on Safertech with some Heavenly Detox Resorts!



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