Radiation and EMF Protection.  Tauki Wired Airtube Headphones

Full of Style.  Free from EMF.  Our Air tube Earbud Headphones offer peace of mind-certain that you are protected from Radio Frequency Radiation and magnetic EMF.

New and exclusive, our Rose Gold and and Gold Air tube headphones feature the Comfort Buds Design. They’re made with ultra-sleek small in-ear speakers and ultra comfort earbuds.  Soft and well-fitting they provide EMF free sound for phone calls, conversation and listening.

Here’s How The Wired Air Tube Works

It’s pretty simple, actually. That RF energy coming from the phone could travel up the wires of a headset. But with the hollow “air tube,” that energy is stopped, dead in its tracks, where the wire meets the tube. The sound is great when it hits the metal free, really comfy silicone earbuds–once again not generating magnetic or RF radiation because these headsets are made to avoid all EMF and EMF effects. A quality investment in sound and protection, all in one!

Faraday Cases to Keep You Totally Off The Grid with Solid Radiation Protection

Faraday Cases to keep you totally off the grid and give you solid EMF protection.

We’re thrilled to bring you our partnership with Silent Pocket . Each faraday bag combines patented Silent Pocket Technology with beautiful style to prevent  EMR or electromagnetic radiation from cellphone signal, WiFi signal, and Bluetooth wireless energy from getting in or out of the bag.

A mini but mighty faraday cage. These finely tailored 100% effective Anti Radiation cases keeps all wireless RF radiation from getting in or out.

Our go-to everyday case because they’re sexy, stealth and water resistant.

Your location and any other information a snoopy phone or app would be interested in having-will be impossible to get. No Signal in. No Signal out.

This lovely little case renders energy to the cell phone completely void. Wireless EMF protection that’s beautiful.  Remove the phone or tablet from the case in order to  send and receive signal.  There’s NO need to put the phone on airplane. Phone goes off when it’s in the case and works normally when it’s removed!

You’re safe, private and off the grid!

Someone Is Watching You

Most Likely.  We discovered our cellphones and computers were compromising your privacy.

Because Hacking, Cyber-stalking, and Cyber-blackmail are real security issues! Protect your privacy with Creepblocker, the best camera cover for laptops and cellphones and bonus: microphone blocker.

Interesting.  Humorous and Free From Residue

Our Webcam and Microphone covers offer many choices with style and attitude. Cover that peep-hole  on computers, laptops, tablets and cell phone.  All Sizes – even one to Cover iPhone x Camera and allow Face ID functionality. Muffle microphones on laptops only. Smartphones have so many microphones, the screen even absorbs sound.

Specially designed sizes to block Apple Air Microphone and Macbook Microphone. Plus a Guide to Finding Your Microphone on your laptops, so you know where to put the microphone blockers.

The Wisdom Of Faraday Protection

Our Goals:

Solutions for people who are emf hyper sensitive.

Prevention for all of those who are not.

Privacy Protection for anyone who’s online or connected.


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