EMF Radiation: What you need to know about Technology and Health

EMF radiation : A tricky subject

It’s time to talk about EMF radiation and your health.  Our focus at Safertech is the practice of Tech Wellness:  Mindfully interacting with the technology that surrounds us on a health level and a privacy level.

EMF’s are not something that most people really want to hear about and frankly it’s not a simple subject. My goal with this site is to have a pro-active yet positive approach to the various technology pit-falls.

Sometimes we hear words like “depression” , “anxiety” and perhaps the worst, “cancer” associated with EMF exposure (1). And although those are most definitely scary associations,   thought I promise no fear mongering at safertech,  I do want to be transparent about my personal experiences,  the experiences of people I’ve met through my travels. and the growing body of research on the subject of EMF’s and health.

I believe I’ve been sensitive to EMF’s for most of my life.  I consider my mild sensitivity a gift of sorts–as it allows me to “feel” the emf’s that normally can’t be seen, heard or felt.  It’s why I  ordered my first meter and started exploring this subject over 25 years ago. And why I wouldn’t let my kids ever put their cellphones to their ears and why I there’s no WIFI on at home.

I’ve known that the energy from EMF effects the energy of my body.  And therefore I believed it could have the potential to effect everyone’s health.  More and more research is pointing to negative health effects from EMF exposure.


My EMF Journey

I have been toting around a tri-field meter for 28 years—actually not the same exact one anymore, I’ve had a few replacements along the way. But I knew when I got my first cell phone that the little shocks I was feeling when I held it, signaled there was something going on. I was a Natural Food Co-Op shopper back then and in one of the magazines at the checkout stand was a story about the tri-field meter. I purchased one and when I saw the intermittent spiking of the meter dial when my phone was on. I knew for sure, I needed to treat the little energy device , my cellphone, with respect and caution. Same for the microwave—and cordless phones.

I’ve been talking to people about EMFs for years – the concerns and how to identify their effects (medical symptoms and manifestations) We will talk more about that in next week’s video. It’s long overdue!
Throughout this journey, I’ve met a lot of people who are exploring solutions. Personally, my main interest and focus is, and has always been: radio frequency fields (the kind of radiation that wireless communications emit.)

But, radio frequency fields (RF, for short) are only one kind of potentially damaging EMF.

What’s an EMF?

So here we go. Let’s first go over the science of what EMF’s are. EMF’s are Electric and magnetic fields that are invisible (but very real) areas of energy that come from, or “radiate” from sources of  natural and man-made electricity.


The Chart below shows the spectrum.

Electromagnetic SpectrumWe all learned as kids about the danger of  “radiation” – the stuff at far right of the spectrum,  was what we all knew was bad–Right? Ultraviolet, X-ray and nuclear energy:  The UV light can cause skin cancer. too many X-rays cause all kinds of bad things from cancer to death. (Just ask Marie Curie.) We don’t have to tell you that exposure to nuclear radiation can be downright catastrophic.

The left in end of the spectrum has all the Non-ionizing radiation that were now realizing can also be really effect our health and well-being.


4 Kinds of EMF’s


  •  1 Magnetic Fields Are actually everywhere.

  • Magnetic fields are just about everywhere is some strength. In fact our very own human brain waves have very similar frequencies to the micropulsations of the earth’s natural magnetic field.
  • Come from electrical sources, like power lines, wiring and our devices- laptops, cellphones and computers all create Magnetic Fields.    Exposure to extremely high levels can make some people very sick.  In fact research from 1979 showed that magnetic fields caused childhood leukemia.
  • 2 Electric Fields are man made

  • and as the chart shows they come appliances, power lines and the wiring in our homes.  When we look at health issues from these, it usually concerns  problems with wiring in living or sleeping spaces– and Dirty Electricity:
  • 3 Call it Dirty or EMI

  • Electromagnetic Interference is Erratic spikes or surges of electricity traveling along electric wiring or power lines where only standard AC should be.  Also called Dirty Electricity, it’s is often the result of  when the Extremely low frequency(ELF) Magnetic and Electric fields carry some radio signals(RF)
  • 4 Radio Frequency or RF Radiation

  • You might have also heard the terms Non-ionizing radiation or RF fields.  All of these titles are encompassing Wireless EMF’s.  We’re talking microwave ovens, WIFI routers, WIFI enabled, BlueTooth energy and Cellphone radiation.

And what does all this emf mean to my body?

Here at Safertech, we believe in exercising caution when it comes to all emfs- like try and locate beds away from ordinary electrical outlets, don’t by a home underneath high powered electrical wires etc. . You can use the inexpensive trifield meter just to get a basic understanding of where they are– but we recommend whole house consultants, preferably trained electricians,  if you feel you might be EMF sensitive or you want to be super prudent.  Identifying and mitigating EMF’s can be complicated.

But because Radio Frequency or RF energy power has come on strong in the last 35 years and is used in more every single day.  RF or Wireless frequencies now power so much of our lives  and our main focus is wireless and what the heck it might be doing to us.

  • You’ll hear me say this quite a bit in my EMF Demonstration videos ” I believe the energy coming from this Smartphone or this Bluetooth speaker,  negatively effects the energy of my body”  or “I feel this energy isn’t interacting with the energy of my body in a good way.”
  • Well, it turns out that high concentrations of magnetite have been discovered in the human head and brain. And even more interesting,  a scientist from Cal Tech recently confirmed that very magnetic material  in our heads allows us to respond to external fields.
  • So, if our brains respond to the fields of energy–we can now easily understand how the man-made EMF generated from our cellphones, WIFI and Bluetooth devices is- messing with our heads-our brains and our bodies- by creating electromagnetic interference with our natural bio-electromagnetic functions.


Our Focus: Wireless EMF Energy

Scientists historically cannot agree on their level of risk associated with exposure. It’s been hotly debated since the advent since the 1980s. People started questioning whether their big, clunky cell phone using brand-new technology could, in fact, cause brain tumors.

  • Now there’s evidence–and a lot of it

  • In 2011 the World Health Organization classified RF exposed a Group 2B possible carcinogen. This was Big News, in fact I did a video recap of it back then

  • In 2012 the Bioinitive report found 5 pages of biological affects that occur before the FCC’s ancient thermal based limit (it only says you won’t significantly heat up, literally).
  • And most recently our own National Toxicology Program NTP, concluded its “largest and most complex” $30 million study finding a connection to cell damage and Radio Frequency.  The found incidences of tumors in the brains and hearts of male mice.

This video has an interview with Dr. David McCormick from the Illinois Institute of  Technology where the study was performed-I appreciate where he flat-out says Yes, That’s correct   to the question of a WTHR reporter  “In your lab you found cellphone radiation caused cancer? . ” Dr. McCormick followed with, “Yes, the results were surprising.”

The animals were exposed to 10 minute on/off increments of RF energy for 9 hours a day.  Think about it, that amount of RF energy in our lives is quite attainable these days-between our Bluetooth keyboards on our computers and the our wireless headsets, speakers, the WIFI and our cellphones were all easily exposed to 4.5 hours of RF radiation in a 9 hour period of time.

And a very recent study linked a very low level–but acute or constant exposure to Wireless emf’s to cancer of the heart, lymphoma and leukemia

For years many countries have already been making efforts to protect their children, for example: in France WIFI is banned in any childcare facility that takes care of children under the age of 3 (as well a long list of things for the older children) and in Taiwan it is illegal for parents to let a child under the age of 2 play with an electronic devices like an iPad and if the child develops any mental or physical problems the parents can be fined $1500!

But this whole Wireless causes Cancer-is still doubted

It’s important to note here that even with the mounting research, the vast majority of the the medical and regulatory communities will not verify any direct correlation between any disease from heart disease to auto immune diseases like cancer.  In fact the American Cancer Society comments on the body probable connection studies this way:

Finally, the measurement of cell phone use in most studies has been crude. Most have been case-control studies, which have relied on people’s memories about their past cell phone use. In these types of studies, it can be hard to interpret any possible link between cancer and an exposure. People with cancer are often looking for a possible reason for it, so they may sometimes (even subconsciously) recall their phone usage differently than people without cancer.

With these limitations in mind, it is important that the possible risk of cell phone exposure continue to be researched using strong study methods, especially with regard to use by children and longer-term use.

Then it goes on to point out that agency’s from the FDA to the the FCC state that are no conclusive links to health effects and cellphones.

But what about Wireless and other Dis-ease?

Many states of un-health have been associated with EMF’s

Most of the debated research on wireless concentrates on cancer.   here you’ll find specific research on Links Between Wireless and:

And now there’s EHS

Way back when I lived in Arizona, I remember walking by an electric sub-station (those green-grey boxes outside homes on the street) and feeling a tingling. But no one else could feel it! I couldn’t explain it then but I now know I what I was experiencing.  That “feeling” signaled EMF sensitivity.

Unfortunately, some people experience symptoms way, way worse than me. Their symptoms are disabling – and the worst part about it is, they can’t get away from EMFs in this world. They can mitigate their exposure in their own home  but things like public WIFI and Smart Meters can make them very sick. They become virtual refugees and have to retreat into isolated settings.

OR: It’s estimated that roughly 4% of the population is EMF Hypersensitive.  In Sweden, EHS – EMF Hypersensitivity has been recognized as a disability (2) For some, the effects are truly severe and even crippling.  My aim is to not only help those people, but to also prevent others from becoming sensitive.   If there is one person out there suffering with mysterious symptoms and that same person say, sleeps with their phone under their pillow and they stumble upon this article, then I’ve done my job. If I can get one person to stop standing in front of the microwave while their food cooks, awesome!

In some cases, some of the EMF”s in home are virtually impossible to mitigate–like the magnetic fields from power lines that are too close.

The World Health Organization says Electromagnetic Sensitivity is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms. Most commonly reported are skin reactions – tingling, redness, burning sensations. The other major symptoms regularly reported are fatigue, lacking concentration, headaches, dizziness and nausea, and heart palpitations. Other sufferers report gastrointestinal disturbances.

Many emf experts suspect that EMF hypersensitivity comes on when theres an acute dose of emf or from being consisitently  exposed.  I think it’s true.  It’s what I’ve noticed as I’ve done the research.

or:  It’s reported that But – here’s what anecedotely, I’ve noticed about EHS or emf sensitivity or emf hypersensitivity:  People become this way when they’ve been exposed to an abundance of EMF’s  from one or more sources or continued cumulative  exposure.

 So–be aware, be mindful of the EMF’s around you

As technology evolved, more and more products have come to utilize non-ionizing RF, especially when it comes to communication and more notably, convenience.

First, we had microwave ovens, then came cell phones and now we have wireless communication pluming out of every iphone, WIFI, Smartmeter, Smartphone, SmartTV,  Smart so many things. Plus a wide variety of  Bluetooth spouting  toys and gadgets from wearables to security cams and climate controllers. You can’t get away from it.

Allergic to our Wireless World?

Think of it like an allergy. If you are not allergic to nuts, you can eat a pecan cookie just fine. But another person who has the allergy that eats that cookie can go into anaphylactic shock and die. In addition, the symptoms from a nut allergy can vary greatly. Some people must get itchy hives, another person’s tongue might swell, and another person get nauseous immediately. EMF sickness is very much the same! It doesn’t mean one person’s experience is any less true or real than the other – it just makes it difficult to pin down the cause and get people a diagnosis.

This is why I’ve developed a cautious, better-safe-than-sorry approach to interacting microwave and wireless energy.

I recommend avoiding emf exposure whenever you it’s doable.  And the good news, it actually can be easily done.  These are the basics:

Managing the EMF’s- Know Them

First,  realize how really comprehensive it is.  It’s in alot of places and alot of things:

Smartphone. Cordless Phone. Baby Monitors. WIFI Router.

WIFI enabled TV,s Printers, Cars, Solar Systems,  Smart Meter, Smartphone. Appliances–even saw a WIFI enabled crockpot!

Laptop.  Desktop.  Smart TV’s

Bluetooth: Speakers, Security Devices,  Solar systems,  HVAC controls. Smartphone.

Managing the EMF’s See Them

Watch our videos.  The ones below show you what an emf “looks” like and offers a solution.

Read our wealth of tips and tricks to mitigate and create distance between you, your body and EMF exposure.

Smart phone

Smart Meter




Managing the EMF’s   How much is ok?

Six years ago I was thrilled to find I could now measure WIFI energy. I discovered a new test meter,  the first affordable meter on the market developed to measure the higher frequency RF fields.  As I went around testing, I noticed grave discrepancies in my readings that couldn’t possibly be correct-then a couple of years ago I I found a skilled EMF Electrician consultant whoformed me my testing device wasn’t properly calibrated. They told me my measurements were wildly inaccurate at best and at worst, my readings were worthless. From that point forward, I use and only recommend purchasing calibrated meters. Or self-calibration, if you have the skill.

But, if you really want to accurately measure the EMF. Meter selection works like this:

Magnetic  EMF requires a gaussmeter for accurate detection

Electric can be measured with

RF energy coming from wireless is best home-tested with TES or an Accoustimeter RF meter

Also, I advise hiring an EMF professional that is a Electrician or Engineer to help mitigate the more tricky aspects of home EMF exposure. (Wiring, etc).  I have recommendations for people I’ve worked with and admire in the Research links below.

Most surprisingly, you can ask your electric company to come out and test your home for various EMF services – for free! We are doing that soon with our own utility company and we can’t wait to show you how it goes.

Managing EMF’s  Distance Yourself

Turn your phone OFF or put it in airplane mode whenever you can.  I honestly live this way. I turn it on when I need it.  It’s true.  When I want to make a call, I use Speaker Mode or with a headset and the phone a good foot away.

Here are the ones I use.  The Safertech store has more and some for kids.

Don’t carry your cellphone in your hand or your pocket when it’s on. I have friend story to share,  Corey, carried his cellphone in his hand as he trained and ran a 5K.  One day I noticed him clenching and then stretching his fingers. He said, my hand is aching and tingling all the time.  I can’t figure it out.  We talked awhile and it came to him–This is the hand I carry my phone in during workouts.  On airlplane mode right?  Uh no.

I like to carry mine dangling from my wrist-in this video I show you why I use a long 10″ strap.  The EMF’s disapate as the further from the phone you get.


Here are a few cases with straps that are offered  in the Safertech store:


If you hold your phone live Skype, Facetimes or Facebook or Instagram Live’s.  Set it down OR use this!





Yes the Selfe Stick is goofy, but the video shows how far you get from the emf’s


Wire all things for your desktop and laptop computers for no EMF radiation:  Check out this setup at our offices.  Wired to internet. Wired to mouse. Wired Keyboard.  All these wires allow you to TURN THE Bluetooth OFF and the WIFI OFF.  Make sure you toggle both settings.


JOHN will you get a Shot of the SET UP above?


Turn the WIFI off whenever you can.  Especially at night.



Don’t get close to that WIFI EMF radiation when you turn it on and off.  Here’s a handy switch to try.




Make sure the WIFI is OFF on your printer,  appliances, Smart TV and home monitoring devices.





Remove your Smart Meter It’s actually a very powerful WIFI Router that’s consistently pulsing EMF all day and all night. .  You call your power company and they come and switch it out to a non-wireless analog or digital meter.



Turn off the baby monitor anytime you’re not using it AND make sure it’s at least 10′ from you and your baby.




When you text or email on your phone, use a stylus OR  while the phone is in airplane mode, compose and then send when phone is On or enabled




Never, please really never use a phone or computer in WIFI mode in an Airplane.  The emf radiation magnifies exponentially.  It’s really high.  Not good for you or anyone around you.



Find out where they keep the router when your choosing your Flight seat. Choose a seat  as far from it as you can.


A laptop is not for your lap.  Even with no WIFI or BlueTooth connection there are magnetic emf’s oozing from it.

At the very least use a thick 12″ pillow.  Best is on the desk a good 2′ from your tummy.







In general, we don’t necessarily believe in “shielding” gadgets; In our experiments, these shields can actually intensify radiation around the perimeter of the shield.



We can live safer with EMF’s in our wireless world.




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