EMF safety: Maryland & Massachusetts get it right

A Major Step in the Right Direction

Ok, we must say that we are impressed! As of press time (April 5, 2017), a multitude of Senators & Representatives from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have just introduced five separate bills that encourage citizens to be aware of EMF safety. They are broken down like this:

  1. To create a special commission that investigates the health impact that electromagnetic frequencies have on the people that are exposed to them (by non-industry funded scientists!)
  2. To give utility customers a no-fee choice of retaining non-wireless radiation-emitting water, gas and electrical meters and the ability to refuse installation of “smart” utility meters.    (I pay more for mine! :/ )
  3. An act requiring disclosure of RF manufacturer warnings to be prominently displayed on product packaging of wireless radiation-emitting devices. (Kind of like Berkeley’s ordinance)
  4. To promote safe use of handheld devices by children requires specific language be included on product packaging (modeled after Berkeley’s consumer ordinance)
  5. To establish best practices for wireless in schools and public institutions of higher education requires the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish wireless tech standards to protect the health & safety of public school students and staff.

A Long Road to Law

We especially love those last two, as they involve the well-being on children whose bodies haven’t fully developed yet and whose brains are affected more deeply by EMFs. Now, to be fair – Maryland has introduced similar legislation this session and also have the first-ever agency (the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) to issue a report on the concerns of WiFi in schools with the recommendation of using hard-wired tech, just like we do in our Safertech office. We also use this remote switch when accessing the WIFI is an absolute must. We have a video demo and you can purchase here.

To be clear, these are just bills and it will be a process to make them into law. It’s our feeling that these EMF safety bills will be met with heavy opposition from the wireless industry – however, we are keeping positive and hopeful. If you’d like to similar legislation in your state, take action! Contact your local House Rep and Senator and tell them how you feel.


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