Does FitBit “Fit” Into Tech Wellness? Measuring FitBit EMF Radiation

FitBits: Another Device We Rely On

Tech Wellness measures a FitBit! We strive to test as many different types of devices and technology for EMF radiation as we can. Our lives are filled with technology from every corner. It’s difficult going through the day without using at least one tech device these days! That’s why testing these devices for radiation is so important to us. Are there devices that are worth the risk? Some. It is up to you if wearable devices such as FitBits are worth it. We simply present the facts and hope our followers make informed decisions.

What Users of FitBit Are Saying Online

FitBits are very popular these days. So much so that we found that people are wondering: are they safe? Specifically we saw a user ask this in the FitBit community forum and our curiosity got the better of us. So are they? Watch our video above to find out! Among our exploring of the FitBit community forum, we found that users are also complaining about a “tingling” sensation on their arms from wearing a FitBit for months at a time. This is not only worrisome, but a tingling sensation is one of the most obvious symptoms of being EMF sensitive.

Other signs of being EMF Sensitive:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Feeling stressed or “wired”
  • Trouble sleeping through the night
  • Tingling skin sensations
  • Buzzing or static feeling in the brain
  • Ringing ears
  • Unexplained rashes or hives
  • Body pain
  • Weakened immunity
  • Hormonal imbalances that don’t respond to treatment
If you wear a FitBit and notice any of these symptoms, we recommend testing to see if you are EMF sensitive. Try going without wearing it and being away from other devices that emit radiation. If you feel better or symptoms improve, you may want to consider that you are sensitive to EMFs and radiation. As we like to do at Tech Wellness, testing it out is the best way to know for sure! Have you or someone you know have issues with these symptoms and wear a FitBit? Have you ever wondered if your FitBit is causing anything different with your body? Let us know in the comments! Be Well! August  

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