Smartphone and Cellphone EMF Radiation: A Great Solution


There’s no doubt about it.  People LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their smart phones.  The average American checks their device 150 times a day! Collectively, that’s over 8 BILLION checks. A day. I get it.  It’s hard to imagine not being able to make a restaurant reservation while exercising, right?  Or even searching for “How do I break my cell phone addiction?” (17.4 million results) while grocery shopping?


What many don’t realize is that the wireless signal that miraculously connects our most constant companions to the universe is always producing something generally called EMF’s (electr0-magnetic frequencies).   Scientists refer to this more specifically as non-ionizing radiation.    Think of if as the  weaker cousin of the kind of radiation you most definitely want to stay away from:  X-Rays, Gamma Rays, microwaves and oh yes, tanning booths.

Stay with me now–here’s the important part:  As radiation gets stronger, it produces heat in human tissue.   Over long exposure, that heat can cause damage. That’s what SAR is all about.  BUT,  There are other rf (radio frequency)concerns too-there have been tons of studies over the years trying to determine how bad the smart phone ” information carrying radio waves” or EMF really are for us.  The cellular industry will tell you it’s perfectly safe.  Meanwhile, The World Health Organization says it’s a possible cause of cancer. And now we have WIFI EMF radiation to contend with . . .

The more I’ve learned about this, the more convinced I am that it’s a good idea to limit your exposure to RF as much as you can – In the same way you probably wouldn’t put your head up next to your microwave for extended periods of time.  I’m not saying to ditch your smartphone.  Just be smart about it.  You can’t see the energy–but if you watch my videos, you’ll see I use meters that will help you visualize it.  It’s pretty cool to watch as the numbers measuring the peaks of the “waves” of energy get less and less as I get further and further away from the phone.  And–here’s a simple way to do just that


A super-stylish way to keep the phone out of your hands but still close enough to hear you’ve received a call or text, is to use a case with a lanyard or a strap.  There are so many cute options on the market today! -I chose my favorites for the safertech shop, I’ve also got the Oprah’s Favorite Things cellphone case too. But PLEASE please, be really careful how you crossbody and never wear  a cellphone case around your neck like a VIP pass lanyard.


In my video I  show why it’s a good idea is to keep the invisible energy from the phone away from your amazing body– and carry it on your wrist.  I cut my straps down or knot the lanyard type straps so that the phone has about a 10 inch drop from my wrist.  .  Seriously, do this.  If you crossbody that cell phone it can end up laying right over your reproductive organs or if it swings to the side or back it lands on your hip bone.  Your hip bone is where red blood cells are produced.  Probably not  a good idea to direct the energy from your cell phone to that area either.    And worn around the neck from a strap–that’s usually right on top of your heart.  OH MY!  Know for sure that there’s an “energy plume” that’s strongest(sometimes really intense) coming from the phone which, happily,  decreases as it gets further away from you. Dangling it from your wrist with at least a 10 inch drop (about a 24 inch strap) is a good idea.  Try it.


The cases with a small wrist strap aren’t my favorite option, as they don’t give you a whole lot of distance from the cellphone BUT, better than nothing and a step in the right direction.


But only with a really long strap.  You want the cellphone energy blast to hit you at good 10″ below your abdomen and hip area.  We took the extender chain that came with the case featured on Oprahs favorite things and added it to the leather strap.  That way the strap extended to about 60″.  So the phone lies just about 10″ below reproductive organs.  Ahh, now that’s better.



The Case from Oprahs Favorite Things List

The pricey but really nice high quality leather and studs case

A stylish wristlet case


The entire way I live with my phone and technology, is right in sync with the other good, nice things I try to do for my body to keep it healthy and happy.  Exercise, supplements, breathing, stretching, meditation, jin shin jyutsu , you get the idea.

More and more research is signaling that this invisible energy could be really damaging.  I like to think of it as just another form of pollution.  Like smoke or dirty water, I’m better off if I keep my distance.  But if you need more even more reason not to hold that phone–just check your cellphone manual– my iphone manual recommends keeping the phone 10mm away in order to stay within the tested limits.  Translate that to mean out of my hands and away from my body.   And, because it’s interesting,  I’ve attached the City of Berkeley berkeley-cellphone-ordinance Cellphone Ordinance. It requires retailers to post a notice basically saying-keep that cellphone at a distance.  The CITA(cellphone industry) filed an appeal and the US Court of Appeals heard arguments for and against a few weeks ago-


Better safe(and stylish) than sorry?  Yes!!




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iphone manual example


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