How Hackers Upload Your Teen’s Private Life on to YouTube


Hackers target adolescents webcams and personal image libraries to  sell their privacy for a couple bucks, making them into virtual slaves and blackmailing them into not telling Mom and Dad.  So wildly disturbing, the article details how hackers prey. Attached you’ll find a link and the full report from the Digital Citizens Alliance.  Here’s what you can do about:

1.  Cover Your Webcam. Safertech is so very thrilled to bring you Creep Blockers–a fun, inspirational and happy way to do just that and protect your privacy.

2.  Update your operating systems, anti-virus and firewalls.

3.  Don’t click on strange links.  Hackers want to trick you into clicking on malicious files.

4.  Read the DCA Selling Slaves report (See research link below!)

5. Talk to your kids about web safety, the permanency of the Internet and sharing personal images and data about themselves. Lots of families uses a “web safety contract” as a starting point.

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