I’m Lovin’ It: McDonald’s To Feature “Phone Lockers” So Families Have Device-Free Meals

McDonald’s Wants You To “Lock Up” Your Phones!

A McDonald’s location in Singapore is testing a new concept called “Phone off. Fun on.” This means that this particular location featured see-through lockers for families to temporarily lock their phones up so they may eat together, talk and, you know, NOT be on your phones while together!

The campaign is targeted towards families but it is FREE for anyone to use. Very progressive!

Our Philosophy…

Has been for years… “the less device time, the better!”

At Safer Tech we focus on a variety of reasons why using our modern devices less is important. Whether it’s cyber-security purposes, EMF/EF radiation, or simply because it is mentally exhausting to be “online” all the time… what ever your personal reason to practice tech wellness, we’re all for it, and we’re here for you!

This is why it was so amazing for us to see that a HUGE company like McDonald’s is taking steps to deal with the annoying habit most of us are all guilty of: being on our phones too much!

This takes away bonding time, especially with families that are sitting down to a meal together. Though at the moment this campaign is in Singapore only, we are curious to see how far the concept spreads…not only at varying McDonald’s but perhaps other restaurants/business will take notice.

What do you think of this? Share your comments below!

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Be well!

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