Privacy: Apple vs Google

Like it or not, your phone is an extension of you – and consumers are divided over their allegiances to their device company. Self-described “techies” seem to prefer Android phones which allows for more customization and iPhone users prefer ease-of-use &  tend to be more white collar, soccer mom types.

Privacy: Apple versus Android

We know that when it comes to individual privacy, using Apple products is probably the lesser of a couple evils. We know that they won’t help the FBI crack a iPhone user/terrorist’s phone passcode. In terms of large-scale privacy, Apple has always been less aggressive about data collection than Google.  Apple doesn’t assemble user profiles, encrypts iMessage and Facetime end-to-end and does a ton of computation involving your private information on your device rather than on an Apple server. They are banking on the emerging phenomena of “privacy by design” in the tech marketplace: the less personal information needed by a potential service/product, the more desirable it will be to the consumer aka buy an iPhone over an Android.

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