Low EMF WiFi Router On Off Switch

Best Place to Put WiFi EMF Remote Power Switch


This is a great way to shut off the WIFI  without touching the WIFI–and all it’s nasty EMF radiation!    This remote switch easily mounts, with double stick tape or velcro to any wall or surface in your home.  The receiver plugs into your WIFI router or airport and viola–Simply turn on or off the switch!

I made a quick video that show’s you what the radiation”looks” like and how the switch works.

Now you can live without the WIFI radiation anytime the WIFI isn’t being used.  I recommend shutting down all wifi’s, cellphones and smart devices every night at the very least.  For peaceful wifi-energy-free rest.


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Avoid EMF exposure!  For WIFI Routers, Microcell Boosters, even TV”s printers–or lamps.  Any electrical item you want to switch off remotely, you can simply use this inexpensive switch.

This is the easiest way to add switched outlet convenience without any complicated wiring or the need for an electrician.Installation is as simple as plugging the WIFI or MICROCELL into the receiver and the receiver into any outlet. The wall mounted transmitter uses a 50-60 Hz frequency )just a quick emf burst and much safer then getting close to the WIFI! )and is designed to look like a standard light switch that is perfect for electrical items you don’t want to get too close to or even out-of -reach outdoor lights  An easy solution to keep you away from the WIFI and the WIFI off anytime you’re not using it.

That way you’re closer to a healthier, happier energy free environment!



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