Your Right to Digital Privacy: Sold to the highest bidder, says Congress

Your Digital Privacy: Squashed

It’s been a sad day in politics for your privacy rights. We were hoping this wasn’t going to happen. As of March 28, 2017, the House just voted to do away with a FCC policy enacted in December under the Obama administration(but stayed by the FCC on March 2nd) that said your  Internet provider couldn’t sell your browsing history without your Opt In. Well, they can now –

And Here’s Why:

So your internet provider (Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Spectrum, Fios etc.) can compete in online advertising efforts with giants like Facebook and Google!   See, your social media and search engines – they know a lot about you and make a lot of money off of it by selling information about you and what you do online to advertisers.  Online advertising is a $83 billion dollar business.  And your internet provider thought it was “unfair” that other internet companies could profit off of selling your information and thought that all information collected by various Browsers, Internet Providers and Platforms should have the same rules.

The Bright Side

Now, President Trump hasn’t signed  this measure it into t law yet but here’s how we look at it: Yes, Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Instagram were always allowed to make money off of your browsing, but you always had the choice to be discreet via your PRIVACY SETTINGS. Now, with your Internet Service Provider, that’s not the case, YET.  It’s important to realize that your Internet Service Provider has the ability to see and share EVERYTHING you do ONLINE.  Regardless of “Private Browsing” or which email service you use or which search engine you use.  The Provider is the “Master Door” through which all your information flows.   Internet/Cable companies  are regulated monopolies because like a power companies, it costs a lot of money to get their service to your door.  So there’s not a lot of options for consumers to choose their ISP.   Hopefully, the silver lining with this new policy  will be an outcry from YOU.  Call you congressman and tell them you don’t want your ISP releasing your information without your explicit permission.

The Safertech Solution

In the meantime, watch this awesome video above.  You’ll discover the best practices for safer Internet searching.  It’s an eye-opener and FUN to watch!!  And you’ll find our Safertech work-around!

And, if you use Gmail–or your employee email is through Gmail–Please watch this!

Stay safe out there in our wireless world!


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