Oh, Baby! We Review Snuza Baby Movement Monitors!

Do You Use a Snuza Baby Monitor? Read On!

This monitor is designed to snap onto baby’s diaper to monitor baby’s tummy as they breathe in and out. One of our viewers was a little worried about possible EMF(electromagnetic fields) that could be coming from the Snuza Baby movement monitor. So, super-excited to help, we took our trusty meters and set out to discover if we could detect magnetic energy and RF radiation.

Watch the video to see the levels of magnetic energy radiating from baby movement monitor (spoiler alert: barely detectable) as the device was in “scanning” mode, you can see how it escalates when it stops “sensing movement” and hear what the alarm function sounds like. Plus you’ll see the RF measurement.

Now, honestly, we didn’t review the work-ability or reliability of the Snuza  but, Amazon has 1,000’s of Snuza product reviews.  Safertech measured only for EMF emissions.  Snuza Baby Hereo Baby movement monitorPurchase Snuza or learn more

We love the peace-of-mind and ease so much of the technology in our modern world provide us.  Here are tips for living healthy and well with wireless baby monitors.

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