EMF radiation spectrum: The safertech view

EMF Basics

We want our readers to understand that energy associated with wireless and cell phones are not the only “EMFs” …although it might seem like it, here at Safertech.

Actually, that kind of energy – is a  just one type of “non-ionizing radiation” that are bodies are exposed to and – makes up only part of what is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

At the very far left of the spectrum, wave lengths are longer and less frequent that’s where you see static energy, Then we move to Electric or electricity(Electric emfs) and then appliances(Magnetic emfs)–Then all the way up to Shorter Wavelengths that pulse at Higher Frequencies.

And what does that mean to my body?

Well, Static electricity is fairly harmless, associated with tingly sensation. Obviously, we know that the energy associated with  appliances and electricity can cause electroshock and fire. Electric EMF fields are linked to emf hypersensitivity and actually the Magnetic fields have been associated with childhood leukemia and cancers.

On the far right of the spectrum, we have ultraviolet, X-ray and nuclear energy. We know the UV light can cause skin cancer. X-rays can be ok and even helpful in small doses with medical imaging, but too much can cause death. (Just ask Marie Curie.) We don’t have to tell you that exposure to nuclear radiation can be downright catastrophic.

Wireless EMF Radiation

However, nestled right between harmless and disastrous, is our main concern at Safertech:  RF or Radiofrequency Fields.  These are the wavelengths and emf’s rampant in the digital age.  Specifically, WIFI, Microwave ovens, Bluetooth, Broadcast towers, cellphones, smart phones, Wireless computers and connected toys.  . Science folks don’t exactly know how much and how badly that EMF radiation can effect us as humans  – and that’s why we are looking into for you!

How much is too much?

We wish we knew for sure, but our recommendation is the less exposure you have the better.  We’ve observed that emf hypersensitivity can be developed over long term exposure or a large burst of non ionizing radiation. Important to note here that a digital device, like a computer for example, can radiate 3 different types of emfs– Magnetic, electric and RF energy all at once.  I like to avoid any emf’s when I can, but I focus on RF energy for this site.

Our consultant Michael Neuert has what he calls General Precautionary Level that he advises his healthy, yet concerned clients to observe.  That level for emf radiation from Microwaves, Bluetooth, WIFI and cellphones is

.01  Microwatts/cm² 

That’s EASY to go ABOVE as you’ll see in our EMF videos

We love emf demos.  It’s fun and important for everyone to “see” the emf’s from wireless devices we use everyday. First watch How to Reduce Your EMF exposure and Why You Want To in this post and you’ll see numbers climb way way above that.  The point is:  Locate the devices as far away as you can.  The Demo Videos show you HOW.

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