Tip: How to Change the Name of your Iphone for Privacy

 The Quick, Fun Fix To Get Your Privacy Back.

How To Go Stealth On Your iPhone.

It’s super easy.  Touch Settings>General>About>Name   –And just type in your new name.

If you want to be even safer, from the Home Screen, swipe up to reveal your control panel and turn AirDrop from “Everyone” to “Off” or “Contacts Only.”

Also in you can choose turn off wifi hotspots until you need it in safe location (we’ve had two situations in our office where a laptop was hacked in a public place via wifi, so try and stay off public wifi).

Turn turn off hotspot, go to Settings>Cellular>Personal Hotspot>Off.

Love to hear some more fun ideas for names!t  Please share them!  Cheers,

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