The Safest Way to Use Your Cellphone: Anti-Radiation Headsets!

Wellness With Style

Having a wellness focus, especially when it comes to tech, can sometimes be challenging.   But in this case, we feel we’ve moved closer to tech wellness with beauty, style and function.

The California’s Health Department issued Guidelines for the Safe Use of Cellphones

Part of that recommendation is to use a wired headset. Unlike many wired headsets, headphones, earbuds and earphones, which allow or amplify cellphone radiation from the phone, these Tauki Anti-radiation earbuds use technology that  prevents it.

They passed our measurement test with flying colors and we’re thrilled!  Plus they look and feel good–so durable–the wires are actually coated.  Coated translates to protection of the wires and health protection.

Great EMF and RF Protection

Radio Frequency or RF energy is also referred to as non-ionizing radiation –and it has actually been classified as a level 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization.   RF radiation is emitted from our cell phones and Smartphones when we make a call, text, use the Bluetooth or WiFi.  So there’s  lots of opportunity for lots of exposure.  That’s why we think it’s a prudent idea to limit that exposure whenever we can.

One great way to do that is with distance as the EMF “radiation plumes” dissipate the further you get from your device. Remember: EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Fields–that’s the energy that can interfere with the energy in our bodies.

We took readings for both Radio Frequency and magnetic EMF at the earbuds and along the shielded wire in a home experiment and saw lower measurements then those from the wired over-the-ear and standard ear piece headsets.

Here’s How Air Tubes Work

It’s pretty simple actually. That RF energy coming from the phone could travel up the wires of a headset–but with the hollow “air tube” that energy is stopped,  dead in its tracks,  where the wire meets the tube.  Only air and sound flow through that tube and in this case, the sound is amplified very nicely in the tube.  The sound is great when it hits the metal free, really comfy earbuds–once again not generating magnetic or RF radiation because there’s no speaker and no metal component.

Not All Air Tube Headsets Are Alike

Loving wellness as we do, we’ve understood and appreciated the extra protection that air tube wired headsets give us from EMF, but up until now, every air-tube headset was flimsy, or didn’t give us good sound or didn’t have a great microphone or frankly was just plain–just plain unattractive.

We love the way everyone compliments us when we wear them–and asks where we got them(!). We love that we tested the air tube headset and found that not only is the sound quality just as good as the Apple headset we’ve all been using,  but on top of that, we prefer the way the earbuds feel in our ears.  And it was really nice that it comes with two sizes of buds to choose from.  Honestly, if you care about your health, but don’t want to give up your cell phone or Smartphone,  this  Air Tube Headset could not be more perfect! It’s beautiful and it works.

Special Note to Parents

Children are especially susceptible to the potential dangers of cell phone radiation.  Smartphones warrant even more caution with all their “smart technology” they emit more EMF in the form of WiFi, Cell and Magnetic energy. Kids really shouldn’t be exposed to it, so have them wait as long as you both can! If you’re thinking about giving them a phone, make sure you also give them an air tube headset. And remind them to use the speaker function with the phone at least a foot away and text with a stylus–Even Apple says we’re supposed to stay an 1/2 inch away from touching our phones(!)


Healthy and Gorgeous Wellness

Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphone Rose Gold

Beautiful Rose Gold Headset

These Stunning Stylish Air Tube Headsets are just plain gorgeous!! We love the colors. It’s Rose Gold throughout, with not only Rose Gold earbuds and microphone but even the wiring matching. SO on trend and, really, who has Rose Gold headsets?  Well, we do

But we love GOLD too–and we’ve got it.  They match our gold smartphone PERFECTLY and our Gold Macbook.  The hollow air tube is clear, so the whole look is very classy.

Air tube Hollow Tube Headset

Sleek Silver Hollow Tube Air tube Headset

And for Fall, Silver is coming on so strong, we love it too and these headsets look stunning with the silver wiring, earbuds and microphones.

Air Tube Headset Black With Gold Accents

Air Tube Headset Black With Gold Accents


And for you elegant, tech wellness beauties, check out the jet black with the gold touches on the microphone and earbuds–and the solid black wires and Air Tube.  They’re delicious.  Great for guys, too!


This Stylish Air Tube Headset with all this Beauty and Function is just $39.99 And Free Shipping of course.

Be Well!


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