10 Best Game Apps for Kids. Safe, Healthy and Cost and WIFI Free!

Popular Children’s Applications

Just in time for fun holiday travel- we’re focusing on children and safe and healthy gaming apps.

Good Mom’s and Dads want what’s best for their kids

There’s tons of controversy about the benefits children get from using interactive gaming applications and the flip side – harmful effects to a child’s developing brain, possibly caused by exposure to violence in games or other such undesirable virtual situations.

More often than not, these concerns focus around how these smart device applications impact a child’s learning or mental health/ development.

And then there’s this health and safety concern

At Safertech, we are also concerned with the physiology: EMF exposure on their little bodies. There are many studies that point to EMF radiatioten and the negative effects it can and does have on our bodies, but this is especially concerning when it comes to children and the fact that their skull thickness is not fully developed until they are adults.  The energy from phones devices penetrate deeper into their brains as a result.

So, as with Tech Wellness-every aspect of living safer and healthier in world immersed in technology,  we’ve come up with some fun WIFI free (and cost-free) game recommendations for everyone to play! It’s a win-win for everyone in the car, plane, hotel or home-sweet-home.

Download at home. Play with phone or tablet in AIRPLANE mode

WIFI-free games are a best bet anytime, but can be a LIFE-SAVER when you are traveling, whether it be on train, plane or car.  Safertech believes using WIFI in a moving vehicle is a NOT good idea, so the trick is to download the games (or podcasts, for Mom and Dad)when you have a clear, strong internet signal at home. Then, when you are driving to your relatives in Tucson or 30,000 feet in the air – you’re set with games  to keep the whole fam busy without needing the internet.

Airplane mode = no emf exposure and no fees!

Besides, you don’t want to get charged for data (and the little ones can’t make sneaky in-app purchases) A little bit of planning can go a long way when it comes to keeping those kiddos occupied, whether you have an Android or iPhone device. And it’s FREE!

Top 10 List of Safe, Fun WIFI Free and Cost Free Game Apps for Kids!

  1. 1)  Lego Ninjago Rebooted – little boys love Legos, Power Rangers, and Ninjas, this game combines all three! Totally wifi-free, cost-free and available on both Androids and iPhones/iPads!

2)  Bejeweled – This was the original Candy Crush – and just as addictive, to kids and parents alike

3)  Unblock Me – a fun but frustrating classic puzzle game, sort of like Tetris

4)  Plants vs. Zombies – Zombies have invade your garden and plants make up your 11 weapons. Free on both Android

5)  Fall-out Shelter –  a cool, apocalyptic game where you build your community and protect it.

6)  Neko Atsume – a Tamagotchi-inspired, cat-lovers dream

7)  Monument Valley -this award-winning game is known for its mazes and beautiful artwork

8)  Despicable Me: Minion Rush – the little ones will love it. Both on Android and iOs

9)  Whirl – Challenging game with a simple concept. For all ages.

10)  Pop The Lock – an old-school arcade game you might wanna try your hand when the kids are napping

Download them now for free and thank us later when you are cruising in peaceful bliss on your holiday travels. Bon voyage!!

xo August


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