Oh my! Wikileaks trove shows CIA can hack just about anything!!

Spying – like never before

Remember when Edward Snowden proved that the government can spy on you through your webcam? Well, today Wikileaks alleges to prove that’s not all they can do! Wikileaks released thousands upon thousands of documents demonstrating the advanced software and tools used to hack all smartphones, smartTVs and all computer operating systems – perhaps even cars.

For example, the documents outline how the agency can take a TV and turn it into listening device – even when the TV is shut off! Not only that, but the documents (collectively referred to as “Vault 7”) are claimed to be able to bypass encryption and intercept data on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal – BEFORE encryption tech is applied.

Politics and Hacking

Hacking has been at the center of this legal and forensic battle, with President Trump (who has a purported tie to Russia) mocking the CIA for its alleged ineptitude. If you recall, during the Trump’s election, Trump praised Wikileaks for releasing his competitor, Hilary Clinton’s private emails.

Wikileaks, of course, is the anti-privacy group that has been accused of putting the public at risk by leaking sensitive, classified intelligence. However, Wikileaks accuses the agencies like CIA of using their technology for public oversight on private citizens, instead of fighting foreign espionage. Edward Snowden himself says these accusations appear to be factual and prove that the government actively has a hand in keeping our devices insecure to allow “reckless” spying.

To combat these technology, Safertech encourages you to use encryption whenever possible, use secure browsers, avoid IoT devices like virtual assistants Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Home and cover your webcam and speakers – only CreepBlockers do both. 

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