Wireless EMF Radiation and Electrosmog: An Easy Wellness Guide

Wireless EMF: There’s a lot of Buzz

If you’ve found this article, chances are you’re wondering, “What’s an EMF?” and if you should really care. Our focus at Safertech is the practice of Tech Wellness:  Mindfully interacting with the technology that surrounds us on a health level and a privacy level.  These days, we’re immersed in wireless technology and with all of our fun devices come wireless EMF’s.

EMF’s are not something that most people really want to hear about and it’s not a simple subject.

Sometimes we hear words like “depression”  “anxiety” and perhaps the worst, “cancer” associated with EMF exposure.   And although those are most definitely scary associations, fear mongering or promoting fear in any way, is just not what we’re about at Safertech. And wait, it gets better–There really are simple, easy and effective things you can do to enjoy wireless technology and not be crazy-concerned about EMF’s!

My EMF Journey

I  want to be transparent about my personal experiences,  the experiences of people I’ve met through my travels,  and the growing body of research on the subject of EMF’s and health.

I believe I’ve been sensitive to EMF’s for most of my life.  I can truly feel the radiation when I interact with a source.  I consider my mild sensitivity a gift of sorts–as it allows me to “feel” the EMF’s that normally can’t be seen, heard or felt.  It’s why I  ordered my first meter and started exploring this subject over 25 years ago. And why I wouldn’t let my kids ever put their cellphones to their ears and why there’s no WIFI on at my home.

I’ve known that the energy from EMF affects the energy of my body.  And therefore I believed it could have the potential to effect everyone’s health.  Now, more and more research is pointing to health effects from EMF exposure.

But There’s Good News

You have the power to control lots of that EMF in your life. You do!  Think of it like choosing a nice safe car or wearing a seat belt–it’s not like something bad is going to happen, it just better to take a safe approach.  Here are 15 Easy Ways To Live Well With Wireless. The honest to goodness truth is that I really don’t want anyone to be fearful of EMF’s (fear in and of itself is a dangerous thing),  but I do want everyone to be mindful.

So what is an EMF?

EMF’s are electric and magnetic fields that are invisible (but very real) energy and come from, or “radiate” from,  sources of natural and man-made electricity.  Stay with me now.  Science class ends soon. But if you really want more understanding on the issue, check out Polarization.  This is an excellent explanation to the question of why man made EMF’s can be so much more dangerous than the natural EMF’s in our lovely environment.

Electromagnetic SpectrumWe all learned as kids about the danger of  “radiation” – particularly the ionizing stuff at the far right of the spectrum.  You’ll notice on the chart  Ultraviolet, X-ray and nuclear energy. Yes, dangerous stuff!  UV light can cause skin cancer. Too many X-rays cause all kinds of bad things from cancer to death. (Just ask Marie Curie.) And exposure to nuclear radiation can be downright catastrophic.

The left end of the spectrum has all the Non-ionizing radiation that were now realizing can also affect our health and well-being too.

Breaking It Down: Four  Types of EMF’s

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are just about everywhere in our world in varying strengths. In fact, our very own human brain waves have very similar frequencies to the micropulsations of the earth’s natural magnetic field.  So cool.

Magnetic fields that we’re talking about here come from electrical sources, like power lines, wiring, appliances and our myriad devices- laptops, cellphones and computers too.    Exposure to extremely high levels can make some people very sick.  In fact research from 1979 showed that magnetic fields were  linked to childhood leukemia.

Electric Fields

Man made and as the chart shows,  emanate from appliances, power lines and the wiring in our homes.  When we look at health issues from these, it usually concerns  problems with high tension electrical lines, wiring in living or sleeping spaces– and something called Dirty Electricity.

Dirty Electricity or Electrosmog

This is a kind of electrical interference and it’s often the result of  when ELF-Extremely low frequency (see the gray bar in the middle of the chart) causes erratic spikes or surges of electricity traveling along electric wiring or power lines where only standard AC should be.  We want to make sure the wiring in our homes, offices and schools doesn’t have this problem.

Radio Frequency or RF Radiation

You might have also heard the terms Non-ionizing radiation or RF fields.  All of these descriptions refer to Wireless EMF.  That would be microwave ovens, WIFI routers, WIFI enabled, Bluetooth energy and Cellphone radiation.

Your Body Electric and Magnetic

Remember, our bodies are electrical in nature.  We’re made up of atoms–and  atoms are made of protons, electrons and neutrons.  There’s a great video showing how our bodies use chemical sources to make electricity. We’ve got the link to the Medicine Journal channel below.

Here’s how how Julia Layton explains the electricity in our bodies on How Stuff Works,

Everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies. As we learned in intro physics, everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, and electrons have a negative charge. When these charges are out of balance, an atom becomes either positively or negatively charged. The switch between one type of charge and the other allows electrons to flow from one atom to another. This flow of electrons, or a negative charge, is what we call electricity. Since our bodies are huge masses of atoms, we can generate electricity

And scientists have discovered our bodies contain the magnetic material magnetite.  It turns out that high concentrations of magnetite have been discovered in the human head and brain. Magnetite is a mineral that is especially susceptible to magnetic attraction.   And even more fascinating,  a scientist from Cal Tech recently confirmed that the very magnetic material in our heads allows us to respond to external fields.  Currently they are doing tests to see if and how humans may detect and use the earths magnetic field.

And, the article from Science Magazine notes that they are a doing the tests in metal faraday cage so that there’s no EMF “noise” that could “confound the experiment”

Wireless EMF Energy vs Body Energy

I’ve been doing EMF measurement videos  on cell phones and mobile phones since 2008 because I wanted to show people the “energy waves” what they couldn’t see, feel or touch.

In many of the videos I say,  “I believe the energy coming from this Smartphone or this Bluetooth speaker,  negatively effects the energy of my body.”  or “I feel this energy isn’t interacting with my bodies energy in a good way.”

Since were electrical in nature and we now know our brains respond to the fields of energy– we can  make the connection between how man-made EMF’s might possibly be messing with our bodies by interfering with our natural bio-electromagnetic functions.

EMF’s are everywhere and there may be a health connection simply because of our ever growing exposure to all the types of EMF.

But, because Radio Frequency or RF energy power has come on strong in the last 35 years and it is used in more areas of our life every single day, our main focus is reducing your exposure from wireless sources.

RF:  There’s Plenty of Evidence to consider

.In 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF exposed as a Group 2B possible carcinogen. This was Big News, in fact I did a video recap of it back then to explain what that means.


            • Then, in 2012 the Bioiniative Report, which was written by a respected group of international scientists, cataloged 5 pages of biological effects that occur due to RF exposure.  There’s a link at the end of this article.

And most recently our own National Toxicology Program NTP, concluded its “largest and most complex” $30 million study, found a connection to cell damage and wireless EMF or Radio Frequency.  They noted incidences of tumors in the brains and hearts of male mice after exposure.

This video has an interview with Dr. David McCormick from the Illinois Institute of  Technology where the study was performed. I appreciate where he flat out says “Yes, That’s correct.”  to the question of a WTHR reporter,  “In your lab you found cellphone radiation caused cancer?” Dr. McCormick followed with, “Yes, the results were surprising.”

The animals were exposed to 10 minute, on/off increments of RF energy for 9 hours a day.  Think about it–that amount of RF energy in our lives is quite attainable these days–between our Bluetooth keyboards on our computers an our wireless headsets, speakers, the WIFI and our cellphones–we’re all easily exposed to 4.5 hours of RF radiation in a 9 hour period of time. Right?

And a recent study linked a very low level–but acute or constant exposure to Wireless EMF’s to cancer of the heart, lymphoma and leukemia.  Hmmmm.  Not great news.

But the Wireless-causes-Cancer-still isn’t ringing true

But even with all the mounting research, the vast majority of the medical and regulatory groups do not  confirm any direct correlation between any disease- from heart disease to auto immune diseases like cancer to wireless EMF’s.  In fact, the American Cancer Society comments on the body of probable connection studies this way:

Finally, the measurement of cell phone use in most studies has been crude. Most have been case-control studies, which have relied on people’s memories about their past cell phone use. In these types of studies, it can be hard to interpret any possible link between cancer and an exposure. People with cancer are often looking for a possible reason for it, so they may sometimes (even subconsciously) recall their phone usage differently than people without cancer.

With these limitations in mind, it is important that the possible risk of cell phone exposure continue to be researched using strong study methods, especially with regard to use by children and longer-term use.

Then it goes on to point out that agencies from the FDA to the the FCC state that there are no conclusive links to health effects and cellphone EMF.  I would love for that to be true.

I think everyday, scientists are getting closer to the answer.

Lots of Scientists Are Doing Lots of Research

It’s awesome that so many research institutions are studying wireless EMF’s and their health effects. Here are some recent scientific articles that find a link between your cellphone, WIFI or Bluetooth wireless device and:

And a new diagnosis For Our New Age: EHS– Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity

As I mentioned earlier, I’m Electro sensitive or ES.  Some call it Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity or EHS.  Because I’ve managed my exposure to EMF’s through the years, I don’t experience symptoms, save an occasional headache or anxiety.

Unfortunately, some people experience symptoms way, way worse than me. Their symptoms are disabling – and the worst part about it is, they can’t get away from EMFs in this world. They may be able to mitigate their exposure in their own home, but things like public WIFI and Smart Meters can make them very sick. They become virtual refugees and have to retreat into isolated settings.

There’s More and More EHS Out There

It’s estimated that roughly 4% of the population is EMF Hypersensitive.  In Sweden, EHS  has been recognized as a disability.

The World Health Organization says Electromagnetic Sensitivity is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms. Most commonly reported are skin reactions – tingling, redness, burning sensations. The other major symptoms regularly reported are fatigue, lacking concentration, headaches, dizziness and nausea, and heart palpitations. Other sufferers report gastrointestinal disturbances.

Many EMF experts suspect that EMF Hyper-Sensitivity appears when there’s an acute dose of EMF’s or from being consistently exposed to a combination of all types of EMF .  I think this is true.  It’s what I’ve seen as I’ve done the research.

Preventing Tech from making you sick

That’s why at safertech we recommend a common sense approach to all EMF’s.  Put as much distance as you can from EMF sources in your world.  Try to locate beds away from ordinary electrical outlets, don’t buy a home underneath high powered electrical wires etc.

If you think you are electro-sensitive, we recommend whole house EMF Consultants and EMF Experts. They can find hidden EMF sources  from electrical technology and more importantly, mitigate the EMF issues.

For someone near you, inquire here

Achieving Tech Wellness. Making Sure Wireless Doesn’t Make You Feel Bad

Let’s start here.  With the wireless in your world.   We’ll take a look around.  Arm you with information, demonstrations to make it easy and the 15 simple ways to get a hold of the RF radiation sources surrounding you and your family.

A straight forward, better-safe-than-sorry approach.

The Wireless Guide:

I. Be Mindful of the EMF’s Around You

As technology evolves, more and more products are utilizing non-ionizing RF, especially when it comes to communication and more notably, convenience.

First, we had microwave ovens, then came cell phones and now we have wireless communication spewing in, out and around every smartphone,  WIFI, smartmeter, smartTV,  smart so many things. Plus a wide variety of  Bluetooth and WIFI spouting  toys and smart home gadgets from wearable’s to security cams and climate controllers.  All these connected devices are called The Internet of Things, (IoT).

Be aware of potential EMF exposure in a lot of places and from a lot of things:

WIFI energy  enables WIFI Routers in homes, offices, stores, and restaurants. It’s in Printers, Cars, Solar Systems, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, Apple Watch, Appliances like dishwashers and fridges– I even saw a WIFI enabled crockpot.

II. We can help you see the EMF’s

Safertech shares a wealth of tips and tricks to mitigate and create distance between you, your body and EMF exposure.  Watch our videos.  I tote my meter around to show what an emf “looks” like and good news– every video comes with a solution.

Smart phone

Smart Meter




III.  Wireless EMF’s: How Much is Too Much?

If you’re sensitive, the less the better.

If you’re NOT sensitive, the less the better!

The Biointiative Report first came out in 2007 and recommended a safety level .1 microwatts per centimeter squared (microwatt/cm2).  Then in 2012, they lowered the limit dramatically to .0003 microwatt/cm2.

You can see in my videos, the measurements from my test meters are much higher (!) I test everywhere I go and very rarely do I even find levels as low as .1  Most houses have 2 or 3 times that much when I set my meter for an average  reading.  When I measure the peak wave or Maximum Peak–the levels go even higher.

The chart from Michael Neuert, an electrical engineer, highlights recommendations.

IV.  How much Wireless EMF is coming from my phone?

This  handy chart gives you a basic idea of how much comes from your cellphone–and then compares that to the levels that have been reported to have impact. 


V. The 15 Best Ways to Live Well with Wireless

Our fun, fabulous wireless devices are bring wireless EMF right along with them.  Here are 15 ways to create a safer and healthier wireless EMF environment,

1. Turn your phone OFF or put it in airplane mode whenever you can.  I honestly live this way. I turn it on when I need it.  It’s true.  When I want to make a call, I use Speaker Mode or a headset and keep the phone a good foot away.

Here are the ones I use.  The Safertech store has more and some for kids.

2. Don’t carry your cellphone in your hand or your pocket when it’s on. I have friend story to share,  Corey, carried his cellphone in his hand as he trained and ran a 5K.  One day I noticed him clenching and then stretching his fingers. He said, “My hand is aching and tingling all the time.  I can’t figure it out.”  We talked awhile and it came to him–“This is the hand I carry my phone in during workouts.”  On airplane mode right? ” Uh no, “

So, I like to carry mine dangling from my wrist-in this video I show you why I use a long 10″ strap.  The EMF dissipates as the further from the phone you get.


Here are a one case with straps that and another  offered  in the Safertech store:

3. If you hold your phone and Skype, Facetime or  do Facebook or Instagram Live  . . .

Yes the Selfe Stick is goofy, but the video shows how far you get from the emf’s and why that’s good.


4. Wire all things for your desktop and laptop computers for no Wireless EMF radiation.  Check out this setup at our offices.  Wired Internet, Keyboard and Mouse.   All these wires allow you to turn  Bluetooth OFF and the WIFI OFF.  Make sure you toggle both settings.

5. Turn the WIFI off whenever you can.  Especially at night.

6. Don’t get close to that WIFI EMF radiation when you turn it on and off.  Here’s a handy switch to try.

7. Make sure the WIFI is OFF on your printer,  appliances, Smart TV and home monitoring devices.

8. Remove your Smart Meter.  It’s actually a very powerful WIFI Router that’s consistently pulsing EMF all day and all night. .  It’s probably the strong EMF source in your home.  You call your power company and they come and switch it out to a non-wireless analog or digital meter.

9. Turn off the baby monitor anytime you’re not using it AND make sure it’s at least 10′ from you and your baby.

avoid Wireless EMF

10. When you text or email on your phone, use a stylus OR  while the phone is in airplane mode, compose and then send when phone is On or enabled

11. Never, please really never use a phone or computer in WIFI mode in an Airplane.  The wireless emf radiation magnifies exponentially.  It’s really high.  Not good for you or anyone around you.

12. Find out where they keep the router when your choosing your Flight seat. Choose a seat  as far from it as you can to distance yourself from wireless emf.

13. A laptop is not for your lap!  Even with no WIFI or Bluetooth connection there are magnetic EMF’s oozing from it.

At the very least use a thick 12″ pillow.  Best is on the desk a good 2′ from your tummy.

14. Sleep with someone you love, not your phone.  If it has to be on–keep it as far away from the bed as possible.  Distance is the key when it comes to wireless emf.

15 Be WIFI, Cellphone and Bluetooth Aware:  Not just in your home, but out and about as well. If you see the flashing lights of a WIFI–know that you’re being exposed to less as you move further away.

But wait, there’s more(!)

In general, we don’t necessarily believe in “shielding” gadgets; In our experiments, these shields can actually intensify radiation around the perimeter of the shield and shielding properly is a tricky endeavor.

I advise hiring an EMF professional who is a Electrician or Engineer to help mitigate home EMF exposure. (exact measurements,  wiring, etc).  I have recommendations for people I’ve worked with and admire. Contact info@safertech.com, and we will be happy to help you track down a good one.

Most surprisingly, you can ask your electric company to come out and test your home for various EMF services – for free! We are doing that soon with our own utility company and we can’t wait to show you how it goes.

I hope you’ll share this Wireless EMF guide with someone you love. If there is one person out there suffering with mysterious symptoms and that same person say, sleeps with their phone under their pillow or  If  one person stops standing in front of the microwave while their food cooks, and either decide to change it up–awesome!

Just one step closer to living a healthy happy life of Tech Wellness in our in our wireless world.




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