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Great News! California Releases Official Guidelines To Cellphone Radiation Exposure
Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? The California Department of Health Thinks You Should Be Careful. SaferTech is delighted that California is officially releasing
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Best Place to Put The WiFi for Health and Safety
Does it matter where I put my WiFi? You may think of those WiFi Routers that are everywhere as harmless,
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Where to find Laptop Mics. Most Popular Computer Guide
Hello!  If you don’t have Creep Blockers yet, you can purchase them here:  CreepBlockers Why cover your Webcam and Mic? 
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Dear iPhone…
Dear iPhone, I think we need some space…You’ve got me occupied on weekends, sneaking glances of you when I should
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orange glasses fight blue light from computers for great sleep
How Orange Sunglasses Improve Sleep – For You, Kids and Teens!
Teen Anxiety and Depression is Linked to Cell Phones A study in the Journal of Childhood Development that came out
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See WiFi EMF and How To Easily Reduce them!
Here’s a great EMF measurement video that shows how Radio Frequency Energy changes with distance.  It’s so interesting to “see”
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wikileaks CIA hacking spy
Oh my! Wikileaks trove shows CIA can hack just about anything!!
Spying – like never before Remember when Edward Snowden proved that the government can spy on you through your webcam?
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Black Mirror: A solution to the Scary!
The Future is Already Here Ever since our CreepBlockers privacy decals debuted in September, people keep talking to us about
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cortana privacy disable turn off
How to turn Windows 10’s nosy addition, Cortana, off – and why you want to
Your new PC may be more intrusive than ever Windows 10 has gotten a horrible rap, and for good reason.
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IoT: Nearly a Million Children’s Toys Containing Private Voice Recordings, Hacked And Held For Ransom
Internet of Things is becoming more problematic When it comes to the Internet of Things or IoT (especially with toys),
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streaming media player device
Every Privacy Policy of Streaming Media Devices: Ranked!
  The Medium is the Message As troubles in the economy churn on, people are changing the way they watch
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What You Need to Know About Your Laptop and Smartphone. Webcam Covers Matter!
If you saw Snowden or listened to Obama or even Trump! –you Know this–all too well!.  It’s way way crazy
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How to Stop Google, Bing and Yahoo from Tracking You
Cyber Security Easy Basic Most of us do one thing on our tablets, phones and computers that tells so much
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What is an EMF?
What is an EMF?   Electromagnetic Frequencies (also known as EMFs) are the train tracks of the information age.  They
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Turns out, Laptops are not approved for . . . Laps!
Technology’s Best-Kept Secret A laptop is better kept off your lap! Because of the Electromagnetic Field(EMF)-particularly Radio Frequency or emissions
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Smart Meters: Your EMF Health, Safety and Privacy
Utilities around the country are installing smart meters as fast as they possibly can. There are well over sixty million
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Snowden SPEAKS – about the future of politics new privacy policy
BIG NEWS: Edward Snowden speaks immediately after the 2016 election results. He was mic’ed into a theatre on 11/10/16 in
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Ugly on the Inside: What We Can Learn from Dani Mather’s Invasion of Privacy Charge
As you probably know by now, Dani Mathers is the former Los Angeles-based radio DJ personality and Playmate who photographed
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Tragic privacy breach in the dorm
This is just heartbreaking.  You may remember the suicide of  Rutgers student Tyler Clementi. Tyler jumped from the George Washington
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IoT Appliance Hacking: it’s real – and it happened on Friday
Appliance Hacking: it’s real – and it happened on Friday (10/26/16). We get it – smart home devices make sense
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Is your mic listening, is your camera watching? Webcam Covers and Microphone Mufflers
Webcam Covers and Microphone Mufflers are a cyber security MUST:  Creep Blockers   Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg uses a webcam
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How to Reduce EMF Exposure and Why You Want To!
In the above demo we measure the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation using WiFi vs. using a hard wire.
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Does Texting Prevent RF Radiation Exposure?
This Video demonstrates how RF radiation energy decreases the further you get from your cellphone. Even Apple Says As an
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