Disconnecting Your Wifi and Wiring Up Your Digital Devices Is The Best Thing You Can Do & Get Safer TechFor Your Family's Long Term Health

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At SaferTech, we specialize in helping you reduce your family's exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially in your home.

There is now overwhelming scientific research that information carrying radio waves from our digital devices do have a biological impact.

Here's just a few of the recent studies that we are sharing from August Brice's extensive EMF Research page at Tech Wellness

The United States National Toxicology Program Cellphone Radiation exposure and cancer tumor study.  NTP finds exposure of 9 hours a day is associated with Clear evidence of an association with tumors in the hearts of male rats.


Remember, EMF exposure is cumulative, so our proximity to our smart phones add to the total toxic load that we experience.  And reducing that toxic load is one of the best things we can do to improve our chances of a long and healthy life.

June 2018 Study From England Shows More Than A Doubling of Glioblastomas In The Areas Of The Brain That Receive The Most Cell Phone Radiation.

And there's no doubt that the EMF's from WiFi are messing with our sleep.  That's why we urge people to eliminate WiFi and wire up all devices with high speed CAT 8 ethernet cables.  It's so easy.

Brain Stimulation From Radiofrequency/Electromagnetic Field Pulses Affects Sleep-Dependent Performance

We will be adding more research as time goes on and we hope you'll remember that when it comes to EMF's distance is your best friend. So wire up your devices.